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    Newest watches on our website:

    Watch Shturmanskie watch from Poljot factory
    Poljot Shturmanskie watch

    US$362 (299€)

    Watch Sputnik from Poljot factory
    Poljot Sputnik

    US$134 (111€)

    Watch Sputnik from Poljot factory
    Poljot Sputnik

    US$134 (111€)

    Information for buyers:

    If you would like to purschase watch from our website - feel free to call this number:
    +7 (495) 504-9121

    23 february 2013
    New Shturmanskie! 2013!
    "Look for new Shturmanskie watches on our website"...

    23 february 2010
    Our site was updated!
    "We’ve finally finished the work on the new version of our shop. We hope it becomes much more convenient for all our customers. It allows now not only to trace a condition of orders on-line but also to check up and change the personal data. "...

    19 march 2009
    Only in our shop! The well-known watches “Molnija”.
    "We can offer you the legendary watches which disappeared from the stock some time ago, as well as the producing factory. The watches “Molnija” have become a part of history of Russia, as a well-known watch manufacture, but now only on our site you can find the biggest assortment of watches “Molnija” from an old stock. The quantity of watches is limited!"...

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